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Vixia HFm500 camcorder, is there a way to turn off the sound recording


I am trying to find a way to turn OFF the sound when I record video.  I want to put my own music or sound to the video clips, can any one help, could not find anything in the manual.





Hi sisko67!


Thank you for posting!


There is not a setting to disable the audio, but there are a couple of options that will give you the same results.


  1. Set the camera to shoot in the Manual mode.  Then in the FUNC menu, set the Audio Scene setting to [Custom Setting].  This will allow you to manually adjust the audio recording levels in the FUNC menu.  You can zero them out and no audio will be recorded.

  2. Use a "dummy" plug in the external microphone jack.  This would be similar to plugging in a real microphone, but having no signal coming into the camera.  A blank audio track will be recorded, which will make it easy to add your own audio later in the editing process.

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Thank you very much.  I thought maybe I could use a dead plug, but I was not sure.  One thing about using the plug, I would think you would have to be very very careful you did NOT try to close the screen, before removing the plug as it would damage the screen.  I will try both ideas!


Thank you very much for your quick response and you ideas.