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VIXIA HF R80 recording audio through both external and built-in mics


Hi, I need some help as soon as someone gets a chance. I have this Canon camcorder and I am trying to connect it to the Zoom Podtrack with two microphones. It is recording, but I have found my issue is that it is recording through the mics as well as the camera's microphone which makes the audio terrible. Does anyone know how to connect the external microphones properly? Thank you. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Kaite8,

Once an external microphone is plugged into the 3.5mm Mic port on the camera it will start recording with the external mic. There aren't any settings to fully disable the built in microphone on this camera, but you can lower the audio levels it records. 

To do that plug in your external microphone, go into the camera menu, go to Mic. Level, and it should show both your external microphone and the built in microphone. Set the built in Mic. to M for manual. Once you've done that use the arrow keys to lower the audio level for the built in microphone as low as possible.

Hello, it seems that with our external microphone the camera is recording through both our external microphones and the camera microphone. This makes the audio worse. I apologize if I’m not understanding but should the camera be automatically not recording it’s own audio when connected to an external microphone? Thank you.