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CANON R5C HDMI Time Code / Rec Command(EXT REC) issue


Hello, i’m using a R5C, with an Atomos Ninja V+ with a Nauticam Housing for underwater vidéo. I was trying to set up the external Rec command, but here is my issue : 

in the menu / Recording/Media Setup

4 - 

Rec Command(EXT REC)

HDMI Time Code 

both options are grey, i can’t sélect them to turn them ON. I really don’t find how to solve this if anyone has an idea, maybe i missed something, thanks 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings Sja-Prod,

Check to see if the time code function is enabled on the camera, page 101 of the user guide will provide us with information on this:

Please also check to see if slow and fast motion recording is deactivated since the camera will not output a timecode from any terminal when that recording function is activated. This also applies if interval recording is activated on the camera.