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Windows sees my Canon vixia hv40 and device manager but there are no drivers for it.


I have Windows 10 64-bit and in my device manager it shows my Canon vixia hv40 but it says there are no drivers installed. I cannot find them to use them to capture video from my tapes to my drive. Please advise. I want to redo this be cause an external with it all on there crashed  #windows10 #vixiahv40 



Is this via USB? Generally this kind of transfer is done with FIreWire, and most PC's don't have that.

No it's firewire. I have a 800 card in my HP z440



Generally, you don't need a driver for a DV camera. I would get some software that can import the footage - I have no idea what to use on a PC - there are fewer and fewer options. Adobe even dropped support in Premiere.


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In Windows you can use clipchamp, which is free a download from the Windows store, This application replaced Windows Movie Maker.  I believe it will work to import captured footage on a DV camcorder over firewire.  It's also a great little editor.


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That is not my issue and I use Premiere Pro 2023 and 2024. Windows is seeing the device,   but it does not have drivers for it.

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While our Forum Community members are welcome to chime in, your product has been retired.

When a product is retired, all official Canon support ends, and no new software or drivers will be developed. 

To take advantage of Canon's innovative technologies, consider contacting our Canon Upgrade Specialists at 1-866-443-8002, Monday through Saturday. 

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It's a MiniDV camera. I just want drivers in the archive to be able to use my product to copy my tapes to my drives. I don't need new drivers just the last build that works. I already have a Vixia hf g40 and a GX10 that use sd AND THAT RESOLUTION ON THAT IS REDUNDANT. You should have made a newer version of the GX10 btw. 😜

I'm aware it's a mini DV camera. I believe Microsoft stopped supporting Firewire (IEE1394), but I could be wrong. 

Also, check out the VIXIA HF G70.