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Canon HV10 transfer to PC


Hi, has anyone done this and succeeded on a Windows 10 PC? So the HV10 uses Mini DV tapes.

I would like to do this via digital transfer. I've bought 2 PCI firewire cards now, and 2 different cables, but not having much luck. I'm using a cable to connect the HDV/DV port on the front of the camcorder to a Firewire 400 port on the PC, which I've added via a Firewire PCI card.

I've tried 2 firewire cards, a TI chipset one, which Windows 10 recognises in the IEEE1394 section of Device Manager, and a Via chipset based firewire card which isn't recognised. For the TI chipset one, if I plug the cable in, and put the camcorder into Play mode, nothing happens on the PC. Eg. I would expect it to show up as an imaging device in Device Manager, of for HDV Split to say something other than 'camcorder is not recognised or connected'.

Has anyone succeeded in doing this? And if so, could you point me to the hardware/software you used? 





I only ever used Macintosh computers with built-in FireWire to injest miniDV footage.  At the time, I mostly used iMovie to perform the actual injest process.

What software are you using?  You may need to trigger a record process in that software and then press play on your camcorder.   Unless the software can trigger the play itself.


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