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Canon Vixia HF S21


I have a Canon Vixia HF S21 high definition video camera and two Mac computers. I had a couple of beginner questions and I would appreciate any help at all. What I have been doing to save my videos from the camera is to first connect the camera to my computer. Once I open IMovie '11 the videos upload and are saved as a "new event" in IMovie. I like this because I have a movie that can be edited or viewed. Next I connect my camera directly to a Canon D-100 DVD burner. A DVD is burned on Verbatim DVD I insert into the burner. What I want to know is this the best/most useful way of saving my videos before I delete them off of the video camera. Later, when I insert the DVD into my computer it is automatically opened with Quick Time (I think it has been burned onto the DVD as a .mov). Is this how I should save the videos from my HD camera. Is .mov an extension that accommodates the HD videos? Do I need to instead import the videos directly into my computer and "convert" them to some other type and save them on DVDs. Is it good enough to burn the videos directly from my camera to the burner and save as .mov?. I have been doing this for a year or two but wasn't sure if I will have an issue having saved them this way. If there is a better way to save my home videos please tell me. The way I am doing it is pretty easy and straightforward but if I should be doing them a different way I'd rather know now. Thank you for amy and all help.