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Prevent jerky video from Vixia HF R42 on PC

I'm trying to take photos of dogs running at agility trials and at the dog park.  The videos are coming out horribly jerky, even when the dogs are going slow.  I get at most 2 seconds of smooth video then it pauses and jumps ahead several frames.  I'...

HFR400 camcorder: Can this handle NTFS SDHC.

I'd like to use SDHC memory cards formatted NTFS. Is this possible? The HFR400 formats FAT32, so I'd have to format the SDHC in Windows. NTFS is generally faster, I understand. If I do this as an experiment, will I somehow damage my HFR400?

frame rate of video

I'm trying in import video files from my video camera vixia hf r300. The manual sez it records @60, 30 and 24fps. When I look at the properties in my video editior, they are are at 29.97. how do I get the 24fps. I usually transcode from AVCHD to MPEG...

troixa by Apprentice
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Vixia HFM500 how to select Built-In Memory

Canon Vixia HFM500 I can not figure out how to select Built-In Memory I'm following the instructions on pg 40 of the Instruction Manual. After selection Home> Other Settings> then selecting the little film icon, I do not see the selection "Rec Media ...

Canon Vixia HF M500 vs R42?

Hello, I want to buy an affordable camera for shooting video and comedy sketches. I've been reading every where online that the M500 is a great steal. However I understand that Canon has added the R400, R40, and R42 respectively. Are these the newer ...

bobpete by Apprentice
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Which external Microphone for outdoor????

Im currently waiting on the Canon HF G30 to be released and would like some information or opinions on which is the better external microphone for my shooting.  I will be shooting 90% outdoor and 10% indoor.  Automotive and racing events is the norma...

Reading Canon XA10 Camcorder SDHC memory sticks.

I'm editing in FCP on a Mac OSX Mountain Lion system.My client has a new Canon XA10 Camcorder.She handed me her SDHC 32gb memory stick. What card reader and software are the prefered way to down load from the contents of the mem stick on to a Mac? Th...

arains by Apprentice
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Digital xl1s

Has anyone used an XL1S and recorded directly to some type of digital? Possibly via firewire or av out?

toyboy56 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies
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