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VIXIA HF200 appears dead

VIXIA HF200 appeared to be charging as charge light was blinking. Tried camcorder but would not work. Now, when on mains, Camcorder appears dead. No charge light. Battery probably empty does not power on camcorder. The charger, with battery removed, ...

geosav by Apprentice
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Elura 60 is Dead

Hello, I have a Canon Elura 60 which I loved it since I purchased. It stoped working all of sudden, Not powering up either by battery or power unit. I have removed the memory battery for 5 minute and return, still dead. I have a tape stucked inside. ...

H2535 by Apprentice
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Forced 1080p60 Canon HF R400

This is what I have:Canon HF R400Blackmagic Mini Converters HDMI to SDIBlackmagic Decklink DuoWirecast I had to call Canon to verify, which I have done. The Canon HF R400 does NOT give you the option to force 1080i60. Canon says if the camcorder dete...

wcatesjr by Apprentice
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Optical filters

Is there an optical filter available for the R40 or R400 camcorder.  I am looking to protect the cameras electronics etc while monitoring a manufacturing operation involving welding.

tomj by Apprentice
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Why does it demand memory card?

  I bought a Canon Vixia HFR300 specifically so I would not have to deal with memory cards.  It is supposed to have a complete HD. So I fired the thing up and it immediately complains "No Memory Card".  That's the whole f-ing reason I bought the thin...

Battery charger not charging battery

I have an ELURA100 Camcorder I haven't used in several years. I connected it to the battery charger (CA-570) but the Li-ion battery (BP-208-DG) isn't charging - or at least the charging indicator on the camera isn't flashing. Is the battery totally d...

Have a Elura 90 bad heads?

With my Elura 90, there are bars across after recording on new tapes.  Recorded tapes which were ok, now have bars across on playback.

Canon HF M50/52/500 AutoFocus Speed Question/Issue

I bought the Canon HF M500 to replace my 8+ year old Canon Mini-DV camcorder.  I use my camera mostly to do Android Phone App Reviews for my YouTube Channel.  I set my camera at the widest angle and have it far enough away from the phone to show the ...

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