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DM-100 External Mic


I purchased this item back in Dec 2012, but never got around to using it until yesterday.  The microphone did not capture sound.  I checked and rechecked camera settings (including referring to owner's manual).  Upon inspecting the mic's contact points I noticed that the outside contact pin was slightly out of line and loose.  I would appreciate an opinion as to whether you think the device is defective.  When the mic is attached, the appropriate symbol shows on the screen.  I have tested the mic at home today, but still no sound.  And I do get sound when the mic is removed.


My camera model is a Canon Vixia HF  S30.





I have two DM-100s, they are definitely plug and play, I don't think I changed ANY settings.


I would definitely say it's defective if it's capturing ZERO sound.

After posting my question, I viewed a YouTube demo of this mic.  When  the mic was turned over to show the connecting configuration I knew it was all over for mine.  From the picture I could tell my mic also had a broken off piece of plastic that covers part of the pins.


The mic is still under warranty, but I'm reluctant to ask Canon for support due to the extended delay between purchase and first use.  The only thing I did upon purchase was to attach it.  For all I know, I could have broken it then.  No way to tell.


I will bite the bullet and purchase another one.  And I'll make sure to test it fully right away.


Thanks for the response.