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HELP!!! Burning video to DVD


I am new to the forum and sure hope I can get some help. I have a Canon VIVIA HF R10 video camera, it takes me hours to combine movie files and burn a DVD. I do this on an old laptop windows vista because I haven't been able to load the Canon software to our new laptop which has windows 7 on it. At this time I am combining 4.642GB it is 11:50 and I started the process at 8:50 I am at 26%. I take a lot of video and this will eventually cause me to stop, I hope this doesn't happen but this is crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



The best thing to do is buy a faster computer, but if that's not an option then there are ways to shut down not just unecessary programs running in the background on your computer but also turning off many unneeded Windows services.  If you want to go that route then let me know and I'll expand on it.  Only other speed booster is to purchase new RAM, and as much as your computer can take.

Thank you! I do have a new PC with windows 7 however I can't get the software to load. I went to Canons site for the latest and greatest and it doesnt seem to run with my windows 7 PC.

Do you have other Canon software installed on that computer?

No I don't it won't let me cpmplete the install. It stops at a certain point and won't finish. I looked at the Canon site for the latest updates for windows 7 and that won't load either.