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XA20 has slight sound delay when monitoring through headphones.


I contacted Canon Tech Support and explained that, when monitoring a recording with headphones, there is a slight delay in the sound. It is a little "behind" the video.


I explained this slight delay was present in both mono and stereo mode, using either the built-in mics or external shotguns. So, regardless of the source, it's still there.


On playback, the slight delay is gone. The video and audio match and are in sync.


I told her I'm using Sennheiser HD 25 headphones, which I have had for years, and never heard this slight delay on other videocams when recording.


The tech suggested I try another pair of headphones, which I did, but that didn't change the outcome. There was still that slight delay.


The XA20 has only been available for a few weeks and Canon probably doesn't have a whole lot of feedback from other owners at this point.


It will be interesting to see if others notice this unusual sound quality in their headphones and contact Canon.


In the meantime, if anyone has some suggestions or solutions, please let me know.


I have the same problem and its driving me crazy. No matter what headphones I get the delay. Luv the camera hate this audio issue, hopefully they will fix it with a firmware update.