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Yongnuo Receiver and Transmiter with Canon 430EX-!!

Hi, I bought the Yongnuo Reciever (YNE3-RX) and Yongnuo Transmitter (YN-E3-RT) to use with my Canon 430EX-11 and my Canon 600EX-RT as slave units.  Both the speedlights are linked to the transmitter.  The 600EX will fire but the 430EX-11 will not.  I...

Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT

I purchased this flash about a year ago and noticed the green light comes on VERY briefly when I turn the flash on then immediately turns red even with freshly installed batteries. Should I be concerned?  The flash will fire but I am not certain it's...

ldavis4 by Apprentice
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Mixing Canon Speedlite and Profoto system

Hi All,Background:I have recently found out a way to use Canon Speedlite and Profoto system together using this method.(Outsside link removed per Canon Forums policy) Camera Settings (see the attached photo)Canon 5DM3Canon 580 EX IIPocket Wizard Mini...

Resolved! 470ex-AI with Rebel SL3

Hi - The AI.B feature does not seem to work with the SL3. Am I doing something wrong or the 470ex-ai does not support this feature with the SL3? Thanks.

photos turn dark when external flash is on

im using canon t31 and sunpack digiflash 3000. when i take pictures with my external flash, i sometimes get images that are to dark even though the flash was fired at the time the photo was taken. so i tried this, i took photos with different shutter...

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 11.25.37 AM.png Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 11.26.08 AM.png
marvin2 by Apprentice
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Speedlites Crossover possible? Canon, Fuji, Olympus

Hello, has anyone experience with using speedlites for Canon on Fujifilm and Olympus or speedlites for Fujifilm on Canon and Olympus?We use often a Canon DSLR and as 2nd units a Fujifilm X-T20 or Olympus OM-D and it's not handy to carry two different...

Neewer Speedlite for the Canon 6d Issue

Hello everyone!I bought my first flash, the Neewer Speedlite NW561, for my Canon 6d to use on and off camera. I was testing it on camera by placing it all the way in on the hot shoe but it seems like the light is not compatible with the camera. The c...

Need some speedlite control advice

I currently have a 430 EX and a 430 RT iii EX.Am I able to control both of these speedlites with the ST E3 RT?Or will there be any limitations with the older EX?Getting ready to order the controller but want to make sure it will satisfy my needs.Also...

Speedlite 600ex-rt battery problem

HiI have just bought a 600ex-rt ... But the batteries I put in it (which are all new) only result in a "replace battery" sign and the flash refuses to switch on.I have tried 3 new sets of batteries, all are top grade lithium batteries, is there a kno...

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