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Canon EL-1 and 600ex wireless is garbage!


Is anyone else having wireless connectivity issues with the new EL-1 as well as the 600ex RT flashes?

I’m constantly having slave flashes unlink even though I have the green light lit up on all flashes. I’ve tried either AUTO channel or manually scanning for a “good” channel and have the linking issues regardless. Turning the slave flashes off then on is a temporary solution, and usually something I can’t do at a live event. I’m usually just doing 2 slaves on groups B and C, and on camera flash is “A” as the sender, second camera I use an E3-RT transmitter only. I have several other photog friends that switched to EL-1 Speedlites and have same issue, as well as with the 600ex series flashes. I’ve been using the RT system since 2013 or so. This past year it has gotten so bad that most event venues I’m at the flashes just don’t trigger wirelessly. This is super frustrating and will probably switch to either the cheapo Godox v1 or Profoto speedlites.



Yes, there are numerous posts here regarding this issue.

I use my EL-1 only for on-camera flash, Godox for off-camera.


You are not the only one with same issue. 
All 5 of my 600’s and 2 ST-E3 RT Transmitters in any combination have been suffering from “Link Drop” since February 2023 a few months ago.. The same gear in any location whether here at home, or our other location, back yards, on location never had a problem. 
Back and forth with Canon CPS. Shipped units to be upgraded with Firmware ans they suggested,  only to have the Transmitters updated but not the Speedlites…

The issue of “ Link Drop” persists…….

Yeah I ended up calling CPS last week to complain and they acted like I was the only person to have this problem. But yeah I’m going to sell some of the EL-1s and either go to Godox/Flashpoint or try the Profoto A series speedlites.