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Resolved! CanoScan LiDE 220 Saving Scans as PDF Word Documents

To WhomI have a Canon LiDE220 Cano Scanner and it has been great providing me PDF documents (normal way I save scanned documents) that I use for various home uses. This morning I scanned a few documents and then tried to save them as a PDF, but they ...

Paul_10 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Drivers for Canon ImageFormula DR-M260 Scanner

I'm using a DR-M260 scanner and am having problems with a 3rd party software.  Tech support for the 3rd party software suggested that I uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the scanner.  I'm a bit baffled.  When I look at "Apps and Features" in Wi...

Fred5 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Canon ImageFormula R40 Scanner no longer scanning--TWAIN error

I have loved my R40 scanner, but now it won't work. I use the Canon-supplied software, both the driver and the CaptureOnTouch software. Recently, when I've tried to use it, I get "An error has occurred with the TWAIN driver. [Error: 80FF0001]" and th...

jbunshaft by Enthusiast
  • 52 replies

Resolved! Canon ImageFormula DR-6010C scanning slow.

The scanner will scan the first few pages quickly then slows down between pages which caused it to take an extreme amount of time to do a large scan. Reinstalled the latest software from Canon Support for imageFORMULA DR-6010C Office Document Scanner...

canon r40 scanner unable to change margin

Using the R40 to scan in sports cards it is important for me to have a margin around the edges.Page size is set to match original size when i click on scan area the margin slide bar is greyed out.I watched a video and followed the steps but i cannot ...

imageFORMULA R40 Where to download "CoT_OCROption_Mac.pkg"?

The OCR installer file is listed under "Optional OCR module for CaptureOnTouch V4.10.22.0722 for mac", and resolves to "", but when I click the URL, it displays "Not found".Wh...

21564ids by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Canon DR-G2140 Match Original Size Issue

I have a DR-G2140 that when paper size is set to Match Original Size, it adds a black border to the right side of the image. I have cleaned all that I can clean, uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, tried scanning in two different scanning softwar...

jby06 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon LIDE220 on PC win11 - send shutdown signal to PC

I have a user that has Canon LIDE220 on dell PC with win11...Randomly user is experiencing window with confirmation of shutting down windows (than he needs to click on no to continue work) , although user didnt clicked anything and is working on a pc...

hreich by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

imageFORMULA DR-M1060 Office Document Scanner

I just purchased a DR-M1060 and I am a Mac user. I tried to install the scanner but the plug and play option only works for Windows based. When I went to download the drivers, Ventura 13 is not an option… any assistance before I have to return my sca...

Canoscan 9000F non-responsive, flashing power button

I have a Canoscan 9000F that I cannot seem to turn on or get connected to any computer. The power button has a blue light that is on for two seconds, then off for one, on a continuous loop. When I press it, the light turns off until I release the but...

Canoscan 9950F Drivers and Software

Hello! My Canoscan 9950F very expensive scanner no longer works on my Windows 10 machine. Every computer we own is above the OS's that are supported by Canon. Where can I get software from Canon to use my photo scanner? I am trying to help my mom mem...

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