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CR-L1 check scanner wont connect after windows cumulative patch


The scanner was up and working fine on a new windows 11 pc. The computer auto updated with the recent cumulative patch, and suddenly the check scanner stopped working. We've tried just about everything.

1. Tried a new cable

2. Attempted clean install of all drivers

3. reverted system image, no luck

4. Unfortunately we've missed the window to roll back the windows update, so we are stuck on this patch.

NOTE: Attempted to plug the scanner into a new computer, and we were not able to see it under devices.



I had a very similar issue today but I got it working. It was a driver issue but wasn't as straightforward as just installing them so it took me a few tries and here's what I did in the end to get it to work:

1. Unplug the scanner from the PC.

2. Log on as administrator (otherwise, run everything as administrator)

3. Uninstall existing drivers.

4. Restart the computer.

5. Log back on as administrator.

6. Download and install latest drivers.

7. Restart computer.

8. Plug scanner back in.

Maybe some of these steps are unnecessary, but I was doing everything super cautiously after having failed the first 2-3 times.