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Using the R5C as a webcam

I'm trying to use the R5C as webcam and I noticed that the R5C is not supported (or the drivers dont show up for this specific camera) for EOS Webcam utility pro. Is there something im missing or a setting I need to change for the camera to show up? ...

Is this a Canon BU-47H?

 Anyone familiar with the PTZ's? Trying to establish what it is exactly that I have. Through the research I have done it appears to be the 47H. Trying to figure out exactly what I need for a power supply spec and what control unit is needed. May just...

XF605 Camcorder didn't come with shoulder strap?

I find this very strange that a camcorder, or most cameras like this wouldn't come with a shoulder strap.Apparently, it doesn't come with one. There isn't even a suggested accessory option you can purchase.Anyone have a suggestion for a good shoulder...

XF605 Leveling Guides

I'll assume this is a No, but I wanted to double-check...The Panasonic CX350 shows leveling guides, on the camera LCD.I didn't see any such function, on the XF605.Is that feature available?Thanks...JJ

doubleJ by Contributor
  • 2 replies

C70 Internal ND error at ND2

Hi,I recently bought a used C70, everything seems to be working fine UNTIL I switch to ND2.  The internal ND’s make a weird sound and then the ND2 turns into ND—— and the text turns red.  From this point the ND won’t change until I turn the camera of...

Canon C100 Mk 1 AF Mode Hack?

I’ve got an old c100, and I’m trying to see if there’s a way to activate the AF mode without sending it into Canon directly, especially since they don’t do upgrades on that camera anymore.Any ideas?

XF200 Fungus in lens

I have been filming in the trópics and the lens to my canon xf 200 now has a fungus.  Is this reparable? I see the spot if I film outdoors against the light.  Indoors I do not see it.Thank you

Icvega by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

R5 C - Firmware Summer 2023

Greetings,This is all the Information I have compiled for the firmware which is anticipated for release in June / July 2023 time frame.  It might be called v1.0.4.1This is on the R5 C's product page now:The FW is not released yet.Firmware Add...

UDP Streaming using XF705

The group I work with is using a Canon XF705 camera to produce a UDP stream at 16Mbps/3840x2160 59.94P in one location and capture it in another. I'm curious if anyone has documentation regarding the expected network packet structure when streaming i...

jmsimon1 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon c200 - MP4 in full HD, files too huge to download.

Hi all,Hope this is the appropriate place to ask, please let me know if it isn’t.I’ve recently gotten a few canon c200s to help me shoot long form videos. Previously, we used Sony fs5II (a bit outdated but they did the job really well) and that camer...

nick28 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Anamorphic Lens Support - EOS R5C

Does EOS R5C have anamorphic lens support? I've read few blogs online saying that it does not support the feature. But it was disclosed in Canon Europe website saying that it supports the feature. Which one is true?

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