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EOS C200 How to get footage to resemble EOS 5D Mark IV color profile


I’m wondering if there are in-camera setting on the C200 to make the color resemble that of the standard color profile in their DSLR’s? I’m looking to match a 5D Mark IV color with the C200, but the color is flatter. If not, is there a LUT I can apply to the footage in Premiere Pro?



i've done this a few times having 2 x c200 and a 5d mk4. it's not tricky if you get the white balance and exposure close when shooting. they are different cameras so you wont get an exact match but close enough. on the c200 I've used both the rec 709 and the wide dr settings as well as matching the raw output too. tbh tho i wouldn't use the  standard settings on the 5d for shooting video. too contrasty and too sharp. I'd use the neutral profile. it's flatter and easier to match before you then apply whatever overall colour you want on the completed film/shoot. if you have the log alt on the 5d you could also just shoot canon log (not 3) on all cams. good luck.