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Canon R5C with Atomos Ninja V Plus Color Gamut issue


I just bought both R5C and Ninja V + and to my dismay recording in log or raw on the ninja results in a noticeable quality and color change. It barely comes back to 709 after lut. I really wanted to use the ninja for recording as the audio sounds a lot better with its preamps. Is Canon going to fix this Color Gamut issue over HDMI?



What makes you so convinced your issue is a bug?  

Just because your results are not what you expected, that does not mean you have found a bug.  There are many users with similar gear and not experiencing your issue(s).

Could you be experiencing some type of hardware failure?  Maybe.  There is no denying that.

Could you have really uncovered a bug in the basic operation of how the gear works that others users have not?  I seriously doubt it.

There is a major difference between a hardware failure, which affects only a few users, and a firmware bug, which affect all users.  

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I have watched numerous YouTube videos and discovered every single person using the ninja and C log 3 are having same issue. Josh Sattin had a Livestream last night with Reach Films and they discussed having the issue. They also stated the issue was present no matter what Canon camera they used. I have only experienced it with my R5C. Last week I recorded a video on the R5C in a video on the Ninja at the same time. I discovered the issue first hand. Of course I can't 100% say that everyone has the issue but it seems so. 

This video is over two years old.  He has not reported any issues with the R5 shooing in CLog3 and saving to a Ninja V.  He wants a powerful computer.  He upgraded at a later date and has been pleased with his results ever since. 

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Yes I'm not particularly sure about this YouTuber. Here is one of the ones that was discussing it last night. I still have a lot of testing to do. As of right now I can't rely on it fully but hopefully soon.

I have heard using BT2020 color space is the solution. It may be a limit of HDMI according to this comment.

It's a problem with HDMI standards and

Canon Cinema Gamut. HDMI simply

does not support Canon Cinema Gamut.

It's too wide a color space for the HDMI


BT2020, however, is supported by HDMI,

so the Atomos Ninja, Ninja V+ and

Shogun series recorders can accurately

record BT2020 video because the

BT2020 color space is supported by

the HDMI standard. So the problem is

that Canon Cinema gamut color space

exceeds the HDMI standard. If you want

to use wide gamut color space on your

Atomos recorder via the HDMI feed,

you are limited to a max color space of BT2020

That makes sense.  I'm thinking that the wider Cinema Gamut led to "clipping" for lack of a better word in those colors outside BT2020?  And thus causing the color shifts.

Maybe someday we'll see full support of the ACES color space across the board.


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This may be a silly question but is there a way to change the color space on the R5C itself? When I I choose C log 3 as an option the color space is not changeable. I know on the Ninja itself I can probably change it. I'm unsure if they are referring to the ninja settings or on the R5C? 

I don't have the R5 C, so not exactly sure how to make the change.  On page 133 of the Advanced Video User Guide, it does make mention about Custom Picture Settings and shows that Canon Log 3 with BT.2020 is possible.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers


I've read about this myself. Issues with wide gamut color space support on HDMI out.. some have said it looks a little dull and washed out. I have never tested it. I also watch Josh's YouTube channel.  He just bought the R5 C again for the third time.  I don't use the feature so I cannot comment on the output I'm afraid.

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