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Canon R5C with Atomos Ninja V Plus Color Gamut issue


I just bought both R5C and Ninja V + and to my dismay recording in log or raw on the ninja results in a noticeable quality and color change. It barely comes back to 709 after lut. I really wanted to use the ninja for recording as the audio sounds a lot better with its preamps. Is Canon going to fix this Color Gamut issue over HDMI?



Could this be the same issue other camera system users report with using external recorders with the range being flagged incorrectly? 0-255 which is full range vs 16-235 which is limited range (typical for HDMI)? Changing the range manually in premiere has fixed that issue for other cameras.

That would be a possibility but when recording in ProRes on the Ninja V Plus I am using the legalize option. Supposedly, It's supposed to fix that issue. I will try this in report back though. So when I record through HDMI RAW it comes out perfect. Exactly the same as Cannon raw but more manageable files with Apple ProRes RAW. Last night I recorded in ProRes using legalize and color space BT 2020. The shadows are crushed and the image is a lot darker than normal. 

I recall when this feature came out on the Ninja (I was using a lumix at the time) and the universal consensus was that the legalize option broke stuff and didn't work as intended. That might be different now with the updates and the + version, but I can't test at the moment.


In the CP (Color Profile) Menu, "Edit" the profile and choose "Unprotected".  You should now be able to change the colour space.

Or otherwise make a new CP and choose your own color space.

Hope this is what you were referring to.


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