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Pixma Pro 100 Poor Quality

Hello! I just setup the Pixma Pro 100 and the first 4 photos I printed look terrible. On my MacBook Pro they look great, but when the print job is complete the photo have a very blurry / wet look. Any suggestions?  I've tried printing from Preview, P...

dsp101 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Pro 1 Panoramics

I'm trying to print using a custom size on my Pro 1. I input the custom size which is 210mm x 594mm during setup and select fit to page. When the print is complete only half the sheet of paper has the image on it. The image is complete but not to the...

I cannot get any paper printed correctly

Every time I print it never comes out right. I tried 13x19 the whole bottom had white part not printed on. I just tried 9x12 it didnt even print straight. I set it to 8.50x14 to try and print using the whole paper that turned out to be a failure. i a...

Suggest printer & stock?

I need a new printer and new print stock.I print professional-quality sports cards for a variety of clients.  Demand keeps going up, and I need a more efficient (cost-effective) method.  Currently, this is how I do it:1) Print card fronts on 8.5x11 g...

Dark pictures

I have a Pixma pro 10 printer. I use an Apple computer and my pictures are in iphoto. When I print a picture out lately they are very dark. I have talked to Apple and to Canon and still having the problem. I know that the picture i see on the compute...

prowler by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Canon pixma pro 100 not printing anything

Hi my name is oliver, I have had this printer for awhile and up until a week ago it has done amazing jobs however one day while I was printing the image came out all weird, the colors were way off then the next print had too much saturation and the l...

Pixma Pro-10 stops printing in middle of an image.

Pixma Pro-10 stops printing in middle of an image.  It is wireless, using OS Windows 7 - 64 bit.  It doesn't do it all the time but the larger images (13x19) have more problems. I am using LightRoom 5 and Canon Print Studio Pro to print the image. Ve...

NMGal by Contributor
  • 18 replies
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