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how do I stop two-sided printing on MF4350d

I have been using my MF4350d for years. Once before I had this problem and got it resolved. Now it is back. I am using a MacBook Pro running OS 12.3.1 and all of a sudden it started printing double-sided. I have updated the printer driver but that di...

Cannot scan both sides of document

I have a MF726CDW, the drivers are current but it will not allow me to scan both sides of a document, using the document feeder, into Abobe DC even though both sides are checked in Adobe. The scan utility being used is the original Canon utility. Has...

MF113W printer not wanting to print

So I just  bought my Canon MF113W printer literally 2 weeks ago. And when I got it, it took me forever to get it to hook up and to work. I finally got it to work and to print. Every time I have tried to print it will not work. I have to literally fig...

Printing with USB

I recently purchased a Canon Color ImageClass MF642Cdw. I have downloaded the drivers to my Mac. I do not have Wifi or internet as we use a hotspot from our phone. I want to print via connecting through a USB. I connect through the USB and nothing ha...

MF644Cdw scan function won't stay connected

ImageClass MF644CdwWindows 10Connection via USB (direct and no network) After hibernation or a cold start, if I try to scan, the keypad message reads, “Connect the computer.” If I Restart (not shutdown and start) my pc, the connection gets restored a...

hookedup by Contributor
  • 28 replies

Resolved! Canon MF Scan Utility not working with Canon MF269dw printer

I bought a new computer, and I switched my printer's USB cable from the old computer (Windows 10) to the new (Windows 11).  I can print to the printer, but the MF Scan utility says that it "cannot communicate with the scanner."  I have tried to downl...

Mike71 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Maxify MB2720 skipping lines

I have a Maxify MB2720 that starting skipping lines in MS Office 2013 products (outlook, excel and word) will print with other programs. ANY HELP?????

Image class MF 6540

Hello; I have an Image Class MF 6540 all-in-one. For years we've used it as a standalone. I need to hook the scanner to the computer. The computer recognizes the fact that the printer is hooked up to it. I've downloaded the drivers countless times. T...

MB2320 Spits out paper

A few minutes ago my printer started spitting out paper every minute or so. I am unable to clean the jets through the computer Device Manager. Nor can I print a test page. Turning the printer off and on doesn't help. Any thoughts?

Jasonb by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PC1080f Fax / Copier help

I have a working PC 1080f Fax photocopier - can I connect to a PC to use as a printer?Do I need an additional card for USB printer plug? ( and if so, where to get one )Thank you

Resolved! Secure Print option not showing up under macOS

Hello,I am setting up a ImageClass MF644Cdw on my macOS 12.4 (Monterey) machines. After adding the printer, and when I go to print, under Special Features -> Job Processing, I do not see "Secure Print". The only option available is "Print" which when...

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