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i dont know my pixma cannon model

i have 2 pixma cannon model and only know the serial number for both the black one serial number is Lxxxxxxx4the white one serial number is Kxxxxxxx9 [Masked serial numbers for privacy]

Inventory Fulfilled?

Hi, I placed an order for a camera body more than a week ago and now it presents me with this message "Inventory Fulfilled" and I have not received any email saying when the order will be sent.What I did notice is that at night the charge for the amo...

Is there a way to track stolen camera

Hi,  My camera was stolen and I would like to know if there is a way to track the stolen camera or get a refund on the purchase.  Unfortunately, I don't have any insurance covered. It was purchase in Nov-2020 ThanksK

When do you quit editing?

We were walking our puppies this morning. I noticed the leaves on the tulip poplar trees are turning to a gold. When one is editing, how do you know when to quit? It seems what the eye sees is different than what the camera or editing sees? TIA.

Sending multiple photos

I will have the opportunity to send a bunch of images to another person. I was thinking of Dropbox, mailing a zip drive or sending as a slide show. TIA.

GP-E2 GPS receiver stopped working

Worked fine previously. Now unit does not stay on. When switched on, power light gives one long flash, gps light gives 3 short flashes, then nothing. No lights, camera doesn't see unit in hot shoe and computer doesn't see unit on USB.

AheadAir by Apprentice
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WB setting?

I have taken some photos where LED lighting is used. What setting, besides Auto, is used or best? Thanks two bunches.

Auto white balance lock

Dear All, For many years I have been using manual white balance for video. I find it extreamly inconvinient if you are making outdoor movies. It is not always practical to carry a grey card and set the custom white balance. I can see that Canon recen...

amukher by Apprentice
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CanoScan LiDE 400 - Scanning empty jpeg

My CanoScan LiDE 400 was working perfectly a few days ago. I went to start scanning again with the Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite, and it now scans an empty jpeg with zero bytes. I tried uninstalling the software and turning off my laptop and restarting ...

Camera Theft

As cameras become more expensive they also become targets for thieves, and some of those can be quite violent.  The following video came to my notice via the Northrop You Tube site.  Camera theft, like many other possessions, is not new, but the pote...

DR-G2110 Scanning Issues

I have two DR-G2110 scanners with issues.  One has a screetching/grinding sound coming from the top end when in operation.  I've replaced the roller kit and cleaned every roller with rubber rejuvenator but the upper unit still makes this loud noise. ...


Resolved! Quick Menu Bar screen location problem

Recently the Quick Menu Bar moved itself to middle of my screen. It once resided in the lower LH corner. How can I move it back to the corner? Operating system is Windows 7 using screen resolution 1366 x 768. I have not made any changes to display se...

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