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Canon's unfair sales policy


I bought directly from Canon a MFP Model GX7021 on November 27, 2023 and paid $649.99. I then discovered that the identical printer was available on Amazon for $549 and if I paid with Amazon VISA, the cost would be $489!!!  


I contacted Canon for a refund and at first the sales rep said the item does not qualify for price matching. I then asked for the Supervisor and was connected to Jason whose response contradicted what his sales rep had said.

Jason advised that the time for price matching has passed (14 days) and Canon will not give a refund!! However, I still had the option to return the item but would have to pay the shipping cost. Canon preferred the item be returned instead of refunding the sum overcharged.

The take away here is that its better to buy from resellers on Amazon than buy directly from Canon!! Doesn't make business sense to me since Amazon retailers do not manufacture these products and have to buy from Canon and also make a profit which means Canon would have to sell its resellers at an even cheaper price. I guess Canon finds logic in their sales policy.

having said all of that, I am returning the machine to Canon and will purchase on Amazon. Even though I have to pay the return shipping cost, I will still save enough. I now know where to buy Canon products (AMAZON) if I ever decide to use any of their products again. I feel cheated!!!!       

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Sorry, but this is how things work across all companies.  Products may or not be on sale.  Authorized resellers may have exclusive promotions available to them, or special rebates, etc.

The main thing is, at the time of your purchase, you decided that the printer would meet your needs and decided to purchase it.  If it's very close to within a sale (14 days in this case), you could have gotten the difference.

If I think back to several things I've purchased over the years, there's something always better just around the corner.  Either a lower price of the item, or a brand new model that offers more.

In terms of purchasing from Amazon... while Amazon is an authorized Canon reseller, you have to be extremely careful to ensure you're not purchasing from an unknown store.  Remember that Amazon is a huge marketplace made up of a vast amount of storefronts.  Personally, I avoid purchasing anything electronic from Amazon.


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How much does Canon pay you to peddle BS??

RS-eos is absolutely correct, like it or not. Your attitude is absolutely rude. 

Why didn't you do your price shopping BEFORE you bought the printer?