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Unable to find product listings for product registration


So I've registered, or perhaps have been registered, and have a Canon Account.  I go to see my registered products, and all I see is an old Canon 60D.  I have two 90D's that I'd like to add and also just purchased a Pixma TR8620a which I'd like to register.  The cameras were purchased as bodies only and not part of a kit.  But put in the descriptions  (Canon 90D, Canon EOS 90D, Pixma TR8620a) and says "No product found".  What gives?



Thanks for joining the conversation, DocFig!  We tried looking up your products and found them with no problem.  Be sure you're looking under the "Individual Products" tab and they should come right up.


If you still have trouble, please let us know and the community can dig deeper.  Good luck!

Danny, well, now the Pixma and a 90D are showing, but no image of the products as you show above.  If I click on either one, I still get the "No Product Found" message.  

We tested that extra step and had no problem there, either.


You may want to try again using a different browser or a different device.  While registration is strongly encouraged, it's not a requirement for warranty coverage and it's not currently required to get over-the-phone support for either of these products.  If you need help with either one, you can just call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).  Our camera team is available weekdays and Saturdays and our printer team is available Monday through Friday.

Hope this helps!

Something very strange going on.  Tried in different browser, and same thing happens  Only see the 60D but nothing else.  And if I try and enter either 90D or Pixma, get same message as above.

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