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Checking answers from others


How can I check/see answers given to others?

Mouse right click doesn't work.



Thanks for being part of the conversation, Eaglesnest!  If you opted into subscriptions to the threads you're part of, you should receive email notifications whenever there's new activity on your thread.  You can also just click on your user name to see all your posts.  You can visit the threads you started to see what's happened on each one.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Danny to your response.

That's not what I meant. What I mean is , how can I see responses given to other members for their questions.

Hope I can make myself clear.

Thank you.  

If you are subscribed to a particular feed: e.g. Discussions & Help: Camera you should be able to get notices of answers to questions or discussions, especially if you have responded yourself.
To subscribe, when you have got into the appropriate topic area, go to the right and under Options will appear an option to subscribe. 

Tronhard_0-1703640063106.pngYour should then enter a selection window where you can select what to get notifications of:




cheers, TREVOR

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Thanks, that helps a lot.

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