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Canon Powershot Zoom Monocular

I purchased two of these unique camera/monoculars to be give as Christmas gifts but discouvered that they don't come with a charging adapter, only a double ended usb 3.0 cable! I have tried every charger I own and cannot charge the devices. The instr...

Introduce yourself!

I thought this would be a good thread for everyone to come in and tell a little about yourself, especially as the forum is just getting started. My name is Michael Andrew, but I go by Michael The Maven. I have been a Canon shooter for almost 10 years...

Resolved! Posts

How can i view my posts and comments , edsr1940

edsr1940 by Contributor
  • 3 replies

i dont know my pixma cannon model

i have 2 pixma cannon model and only know the serial number for both the black one serial number is Lxxxxxxx4the white one serial number is Kxxxxxxx9 [Masked serial numbers for privacy]

Inventory Fulfilled?

Hi, I placed an order for a camera body more than a week ago and now it presents me with this message "Inventory Fulfilled" and I have not received any email saying when the order will be sent.What I did notice is that at night the charge for the amo...

Is there a way to track stolen camera

Hi,  My camera was stolen and I would like to know if there is a way to track the stolen camera or get a refund on the purchase.  Unfortunately, I don't have any insurance covered. It was purchase in Nov-2020 ThanksK

When do you quit editing?

We were walking our puppies this morning. I noticed the leaves on the tulip poplar trees are turning to a gold. When one is editing, how do you know when to quit? It seems what the eye sees is different than what the camera or editing sees? TIA.

Sending multiple photos

I will have the opportunity to send a bunch of images to another person. I was thinking of Dropbox, mailing a zip drive or sending as a slide show. TIA.

GP-E2 GPS receiver stopped working

Worked fine previously. Now unit does not stay on. When switched on, power light gives one long flash, gps light gives 3 short flashes, then nothing. No lights, camera doesn't see unit in hot shoe and computer doesn't see unit on USB.

AheadAir by Apprentice
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WB setting?

I have taken some photos where LED lighting is used. What setting, besides Auto, is used or best? Thanks two bunches.

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