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Resolved! Did anyone bought New Canon Advanced Handbook?

After I had done reading this Advanced Handbook, I felt so disappointed that this book only provided some basic shooting technique of photography and most of the pages are talking about photshop editing. Does anyone know any better Canon book of adva...

CarePAK Activation Nightmare

OK, this forum is my last hope as canon customer service is going to be absolutely zero help no matter what I do, who I speak to, who I email, who I beg etc. it's been the absolute biggest waste of time and the worst customer service experience I've ...

GARN911 by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Do Better CanonUSA

As a Canon Professional Photographer for 10+ years, an avid Canon Consumer in general, the way CanonUSA handles and processes orders is an utter joke. The customer service reps I've ALWAYS dealt with are top-notch and friendly. But they can only do s...

Resolved! Check

I have a serial number of a camera and I haven’t bought it yet but I need to check, how do I do that, I am in USA

Certified Technician

I used to work for a printer maintenance and repair company, and I have attended certification courses for printers in the past. Is this something that Canon offers? I would love to take some brush-up courses, or even learn some completely new machin...

Canon Account

I was asked to set up an account when I recently registered a new printer.  The account came up with my old address and I could not change it.  I completed the registration, thinking I could go back in and fix it, but I can't find my account to fix i...

RAM2 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Sellng to stock photo places?

Looked at Pond5 that was mentioned by a videographer. Don't so video but out of curiosity looked at Shutterstock. Does anyone here sell to them? Alternatives? Advice? I would be selling flowers, birds, wildlife, landscape. Thanks.

Dull winter

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for staying interested in photography during the dull, grey months of winter? I've seen wrebsites that claim to address this topic, but all they say is to wait until a sunny day or a chance shqaft of light breaks t...

Canon MP49D Error Code

My Canon MP49D Printing Calculator is displaying an error code 'E' in the left hand of the display. This is preventing the calculator from printing. There is nothing in the manual to address this issue.

Is renewal a real thing?

I got an email, supposedly from Canon, saying that my membership will soon expire and that I should log in and click the Renew button.I'm logged in. I can't find any Renew bottom.The email was in my spam folder. Because of that (at least), I didn't c...

16-bit scan on CanoScan LiDE 400

I've had my CanoScan LiDE 400 for about a year, and now I need to access the 16-bit grayscale or 48-bit color features. It seems that the Lite utility does not support this. I found some old support answers from 2014 that showed how to enable 16/48-b...

5d by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Forum Issue

Since the Upgrade of the these forums, the usefulness of the Professional Photo Printers and Printer Software and Networking (and perhaps others I don't read) has been compromised significantly by the fact that new posts within an existing thread do ...

robnich by Enthusiast
  • 0 replies

Ink Running Out Fast

Just spent a lot of money to replace with Canon ink cartridges more often than I should. I previously purchased a store brand (probably $10 or so cheaper than your brand) and it ran out quickly. So, I thought that problem would be solved if I used Ca...

blippy by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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