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How Often Does Canon Restock Its Refurbished Cameras?


Hi all. Curious to how often Canon restocks their refurbished cameras?

I saw the R100 is $400 refurbished with an 18-45mm kit lens. However, I see the R50 is out of stock and wasn't sure when it may restock at all?

For $400 or less, is the R100 as good as it gets with a device that has a Canon warranty and support? Just looking for a tight budget beginner camera for traveling, sporting events/concerts, family moments, and learning. Thanks!




If there is any way to stretch your budget a bit, the R50 is a much better camera for the money.  This is the minimum body I would recommend for someone looking to enter the mirrorless arena.  

As far as Canon Refurbished goes...  I have a great deal invested in new and Canon refurbished products.  Do not hesitate to buy refurbished from Canon.  Its a great way to save some cash and stretch your dollar.  Refurbished products come with the same 1 year warranty as new products and you cannot tell the difference between new or refurb beside the color of the box.  The product will be perfect in every way and will be just like buying new.   

Stock levels depend on availability.  Products get re-stocked as they become available and are sold on a first come, first serve basis.  If you have you eye on something, watch the site as popular products can become available and sell out very quickly.  

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