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New recycling process for US without pre-printed label


Here's hoping someone at Canon reads new posts:

I have been using 118 cartridges for years and sending the old cartridges to Canon for recycling. I just replaced one and, for the first time, there was no preprinted label, nor even until I read the fine print an explanation of why. 

Having to print a label, get out my taping gun and tape it in place is a serious disincentive to recycling. Nor is the explanation that it is to save paper credible. It presumably saves Canon money but at the expense of customer hassle. Not a good tradeoff, particularly if the objective is to recycle cartridges.




Canon does a great deal more than other manufacturers.  Reducing carbon footprint is a much your responsibility as it is theirs.

Recycling Programs | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

You can drop your used cartridges off at many FedEx locations for free.  No box, label or tape is required.  🙂

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Thank you. I believe that is also true of Staples and perhaps other chains.

But let me give you context: I am 81 years old; I drive when there is some important reason, but recycling a cartridge doesn't count as one. With a label, I can drop the package off at the front desk of our retirement community to be picked up next day by UPS driver. To drop at a store requires a 25 minute drive each way, not "free" either in terms of time or actual expense for driving. It was fine as it was. The change does not improve nor is even neutral in terms of the user. Disappointing of Canon.