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Recycling Cartridges - Error Accessing Shipping Label


I've been having problems using the site to print labels for toner cartridges.  For two weeks now I've been receiving an error that the site has encountered a problem and to check back in a few minutes.  Could someone please check the site to verify that the link for printing return labels is working.



I just checked, and it's working for me. I'm using Edge as my browser. Try this page: 

I am having the same issue as Jimmy. I need to return some toners but the label maker on your website is throwing an error. Can you please advise how I can get pre-paid labels for these toners?

Same here.  I've tried both Chrome and Edge browsers and still get the error "The application has encountered an unknown error. Please try again in a few minutes!" after typing in all my information, confirming I'm not a robot, and reviewing the information.  

Weird. We just tried again, and it's working for us. If you can't take care of it, our sales team can fill out the form for you. They're at 800-385-2155 M-F 9a-9p (ET). When the automated system picks up, tell it you want to talk to someone about placing an order. 

I called and Yvonne was very friendly but she was not able to fill out a label but gave me a number for Business Support 1-844-443-4636.   


I tried and it's still not working.  I will check with our IT person to see if they can resolve this issue.  Thanks for your help in this matter.

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