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How to Get a Response from Canon?


So I've been trying to get an actual response from Canon for over three months now for a missing Camera.


I had ordered a R6 Mark II back at the beginning of May and paid $24.99 extra for expedited shipping. The package was dropped at my house on 5/3/23 when I was at work. It wasn't signed for, but FedEx marked it as signed since one was supposed to have been required for delivery. When I got home that night the package wasn't there. I called Canon on 5/8/23 to report the issue and said I had footage of FedEx dropping it off without anyone signing it, but found can't see the angle to where they placed to so not sure after that when it was taken. They said someone would call me within 14 days. They were able to at least refund the care plan for $249.99 at that point since I don't have the camera.


On 6/19/23 I called and Canon who said the case was pending with FedEx and there was nothing they could do. But I should get a call back from someone within 72 hours.


On 8/3/23 I called again and was transferred to a Customer Service Rep that said he wasn't the main person on my case, but would look at it. He then said there wasn't anything he could do and the rep who managed my issue will reach out to me shortly.


8/7/23 I called again and was put on hold for a while, then transferred to a Gerald who said he was a supervisor. He looked it over after explaining everything up to this point and not getting any calls back from Canon. He said that if I don't hear from someone within 48 hours to give them a call back and ask for "Gerald."


8/9/23 I called back since I hadn't gotten a call in the past 48 hours and was told that they saw the case was escalated, but it takes typically 48 to 72 BUSINESS hours before they give a response.


On 8/14/23 I called back and was told that they see the case was escalated but can't do anything and someone should reach out to me within 48 hours. If I don't hear back from anyone by 8/16 in the afternoon to give them a call back.


After still never having gotten a call or email from anyone I called again in the afternoon on 8/16/23. I was told that they're not sure why I haven't gotten a call back, but talked with their supervisor and someone should be reaching out to be TODAY.


Here it is the next day (8/17/23) almost 24 hours later and still no contact from Canon about a missing package from over three months ago. I'm out still $2,675.29 PLUS the $24.99 extra I had paid for shipping and have no refund or camera to show for it. I've still got the footage of FedEx dropping the camera off without a signature as they stated they got and a headache of constantly calling Canon without anyone seeming to care. I'm glad I hadn't ordered more items our i would have been out even more. Is there anyone else I can reach out to try and get a refund from since constantly contacting Canon is only getting me a "we'll get back to you" answer.



Thanks for joining the conversation, PhotoguyNate!  We can absolutely understand your frustration and we appreciate your patience throughout this whole thing.  Since you've got our number, please feel free to reach out to our support team again for a follow-up and they'll be happy to help you however they can.


Have you also directly reached out to FedEx? From what you describe, it seems to be the fault is with them.  They shouldn't have waived your signature unless you authorized that waive.


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Canon is very strict about delivery.  I've ordered plenty from them.  On my last order, my wife couldn't answer the door and the FedEx guy took it back to the facility for another attempt the following day.  The facility was on my way home, so I stopped there thinking I could pick it up.  My driver's licenses has my name, my picture and my delivery address.  Fed Ex would not give me the package.  They said the shipper specifies it has to go the delivery address.  Funniest thing I ever heard.  I'm standing right there and its me for sure.  Nope.    

So I left and it got delivered the following day.  A signature was required, and the FedEx guy left it on the porch without even knocking on the door.  So, I think your issue is with FedEx and not Canon.

I'd call my CC and dispute the charge.  Then I'd buy another camera and start enjoying it.  

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Porch pirates?

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Adding: I'm considering adding a photo doorbell. My SIL has one and one can tell who is there or has been there. It can interface with your cell phone; can see even if not at home.

Canon EOS T7; EF-S 18-55mm IS; EF 28-135mm IS; EF 75-300mm; Sigma 150-600mm DG
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