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kanon 20x80

i found a pair of binoculars marked kanon 20x80 3 degrees no.4245 .  how can i get more info on them? thank you for your time and expertise.?


Give me a clue

Would anyone care to explain to me why the work of this artist is so highly regarded in the fine art photography world.

Women, please stand up.

I have become more and more aware that in photography it sure seems to me that the men far outnumber the women.  I saw a  video on facebook where all these top photographers were interviewed and gave their advice on how to become successful in the bu...

Film developing recommendation

Hello everyone - back to the forum whre I know I can get a great feedback.I have a box of 35 mm films which I plan on converting to digital and I was wondering if anyone knows a good provider.Walmart and local photo centers are a joke anf few of the ...

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My Canon 17-55 or new Sigma 18-35 1.8?

Hello,I've been using my Canon 17-55 2.8 lens very happily for a few months now on my 60D.But I have had my head turned by all the reviews of the new Sigma 18-35 1.8.I've been looking through all my photos and I am very much mostly using the 17-55 in...

Tripod for people who hate tripods.

What is a good tripod that is extremely flexible so it will shoot in any position I put it?  I would like it to seem like I am not even using a tripod at all.  Do they even make such a thing?  I am used to crawling around on the ground if I have to, ...

Quick Menu won't work

I bought a Pixma MG5460 a couple of months ago.  All went well until I needed to print on a printable CD.  I finally worked out how to put my own custom design on it.  That one worked fine.  The next day I went to print another disc and the Quick Men...

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