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9000f scanner no longer recognized by windows 7 on usb port, error 5,155,55.


This situation was posted under general discussion  earlier today.  I did not think of the scanner fitting under printer topic.

I have moved scaner to other USB ports.  Same problem.

I use many other USB devices on the same ports.  All of them work properly.


I get no tonal signal when I plug in the Canon 9000f to a USB port.


Took it to a repair shop with its original cable.  It worked for them, with no failures.
They had me take in my laptop.  The scanner worked on my laptop using same cable.

I had to pay for a repair where they admittedly did not do anything by try it out on one of their systems and it worked.

I installed new Canon driver today.  Rebooted.  using same cable.  scanner does not work.  same error 5,155,55.


I deleted all USB entries in device manager and rebooted.  They are now re-populated in device manager.  Scanner behavior continues identically. does not work.


Please help diagnose and fix.




Product Expert
Product Expert



If the scanner operates on other computers without any issues, the error would be related to the connection on your Windows 7 system.


Make sure that the scanner is being connected directly to the computer.  Avoid using any USB hubs or extension devices.  If you are not using the original cable that was included with the scanner, make sure that your cable is no longer than 5-6 feet for proper communication.


If the issue persists but you can still scan from other systems you may have to contact your computer manufacturer to investigate any USB issues on that particular system.


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