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does anyone know how to become part of product testing

I know this maybe a farfetched idea... maybe not. I wanted to know if anyone knew any information about doing something with product testing, and how to get involved with that. I work in a Walmart photo lab and I sell quite a few cameras. I can sell a camera regardless of whether or not iv used it myself. Just by looking at a few specks and knowing what the average person looks for. Put aside that I'm married to the canon camera there is so much more to learn what with new models coming out almost every 6 months. Im more of a hands on person and find it easier when it's a camera iv actually used it first, I can better relate what camera fits a person better. Not to sound dorky but there just a good feeling knowing your placing the right camera in the right hands. A camera is an extention of a person's creativity and personality. Knowing I played a part in helping them find that is amazing. Does anyone have any info

My guess (and it's only that) is that a camera manufacturer would try to recruit product testers from the ranks of professional photographers whenever possible. Skill at selling cameras may not be that important. If you're up for a career change into a difficult and demanding field, but one that may offer more long-term opportunities, maybe you should give that some thought.


Alternatively, you could try to follow the lead of the product testing bloggers who frequent the Internet these days. But I'll bet (again without any first-hand knowledge) that it could be a lonely, and often financially difficult, undertaking.

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I am going to say slim to none in chances for that happening. I know Canon asks for opinions from time to time and sends out customer surveys but for the general public that's it.

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