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Resolved! EOS Rebel T7 Sports Event Shooting Tips

Good Afternoon,I recently purchased a T7 and I am still learning how to use it. I have to shoot a semi-pro football game this Saturday. I have been researching and so far I understand that Sport Mode, AI Servo and continuous shooting are some options...

Canon T3i to Iphone Imports

Hi! Can you help me with all the options I can do on how can I import my photos & videos from Canon T3i to my iphone please? Would love to have options without involving camera to computer to iphone. Camera T3i straight directly to Iphone would be gr...

Resolved! Notes to Canon R&D -R5 etc.

All my images are processed with Adobe Camera RAW. I only capture images in CRAW or RAW format. My notes/requests are as follows:- My Apple iPhone 14 captures surprisingly good photos -HDR Raw. Color & detail are exceptional. When I opt for HDR photo...

Resolved! EOS R6 depletes battery when turned off

Hi,I'm fighting with problem for weeks now. The camera depletes the fully charged battery completely after few days even when it's completely turned off during that time (the power dial on camera is in OFF position).I went through many forums without...


I have 3 EOS cameras: 2 EOS R's, and 1 EOS R6.  All 3 are showing the error message "Err 01".  I have looked on line and people are saying it is a lens contact issue.  It is true that if you switch to a different lens, it normally fixes itself(after ...

Resolved! R7 firmware 1.3.0 won't upgrade

I have previously upgraded the firmware on my R7 without any problem (currently version 1.2.0). I am now trying to upgrade to v 1.3.0 from the SD card. I'm following the recommended procedure i.e. a freshly formatted card, .FIR file in the root direc...

ASharma by Contributor
  • 1 replies

R10 or R50 or...?

Hi, Hello.. I am trying to find a good camera for taking decent action shots of some birds, bees, and my s/o while biking and surfing (heavier here on the biking for like cool pictures doing tricks and things). But I am confused about which camera to...

beckles by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

EOS R5 Noisy Photos

Disappointed! Canon 5D mk IV to R5I'm a professional photographer, and I'm finding the adjustment from the mk IV to the R5 really disappointing! The camera cost me a lot to upgrade to, and the quality just isn't adding up!I am really struggling with ...

Resolved! EOS R5 Fails to Focus

Hello,  few days I bought the Canon R5 with Canon adopter (I got Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary), today I got a AF focus problem when the subject I wanted to photograph (it was an airshow), I pressed the AF back button and instead of locking it was blu...

Resolved! EOS Rebel T1i & EOS 5DS Lens Compatibility

I have a Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP that quit working. Could I use the lens from that camera on the body of a Canon EOS 5DS 50.6MP?    (even if I could get my Rebel T1i working, I still need higher MP for taking photos of my are to make quality prin...

coryart by Apprentice
  • 6 replies
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