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EOS R5 & R5 C suggestions for time lapse with Canon 5.2mm dual fisheye VR lens


The title describes the goal: I want to do a time lapse of the stars moving across the sky from an hour after sunset to an hour before sunrise.  I have both a Canon EOS R5 and a R5 C.

The problem is how to take the photos or video sequence in such a way that Canon's VR Utility can work with either the footage or the individual images.

I've done just one normal time lapse in the past and it failed because I ran out of battery so I'm not really familiar with the various options I have.

The lens is a f/2.8 so I think each exposure will need to be 30s if not more but I'm guessing at this point.  I need to do some research to figure out what the maximum exposure can be with these 50 MP cameras and a 5.2mm lens.

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