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M5 won't turn on

Hi My M5 is only a 4 mounts old . It was working fine yesterday. I change the battery for a fully charged one and it won't truned on !!! I have 4 batteries , I tried them all and it won't turned on! I tried different setting ...doesn't work!  Tried c...

APCAM by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

SL1 Rebel 18-55 IS Lens focus problems

Hi,I had problems with getting people in focus and I posted on that; the problem is also wtih landscape. Even when other photographers use my camera this happens. In the attached image (non-modified other than to decrease the photo size), I used the ...

amatula by Enthusiast
  • 45 replies

Rebel T6i SD Card

I know with the fast picture taking and video recoding you need a certain sd card. Would this sd card work?  <Link removed per forum guidelines> Or do I have to get something like this?<Link removed per forum guidelines>

Another dead 70D.

Hi guys,Just wanted to share my experience with Canon 70D. I bought 2 used 70D and they both ended dead for no reason. They both needed mainboard replacement according to local camera repair. I thought It was bad ideas to buy used one so I tried it f...

Chop78 by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Card Reader wont connect to computer.

I have had a digital Canon EOS 300D camera for a few years and my Windows 10 computer for a year or so and whenever I wanted to download photos I took the SanDisc 256mb out of the camera, placed it into a “hama USB 2.0 Card Reader 9in1” and plugged i...

BML by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Canon Rebel T1i (500d) External Monitor

I know it's a REALLY old camera, but I am still using the Canon Rebel T1i (500D). I was wondering if I could use the HDMI OUT port to connect an external monitor to the camera (for live view). If anyone knows, please respond. Thanks!

Canon 7d Shutter

Was doing an event last night and the event had a foam party going on as well. I think my camera got wetter then I'd hope for. When trying to turn the camera on,  it just keeps taking photos by itself. Anything I can do? 

Resolved! Rebel T6 vs. SL1

The features of the Rebel T6 and SL1 seem very similar and also comparable price range. I'm trying to narrow down my choices before buying.  Any suggestions?StanC

StanC by Contributor
  • 8 replies

300 DPI

Hi,I have a Rebel T5i.  I am looking to enter my photos into a contest and am told that my picture needs to be sent to them high resolution (300DPI).  How do I take that sort of picture.  Everything is 72DPI.Thanks,

Canon 100D/SL1 Battery Issue

Hello everyone! Thank you in advance for your help.So, my SL1 is not holding a charge. I charge up my battery and put it into the camera, but even when the battery is full, the camera shuts off after a minute or two. It says to change the battery pac...

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