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Canon 7D or 70D, which one and why?

I am looking into purchasing a new camera body, the 7D or the 70D obviously and I cannot decide which one to get. U have read/watched countless reviews and comparisons but they dont really help me that much. I mostly photograph landscapes, travel pho...

Resolved! Can't switch to spot-metering on my 60D

I haven't had any problems with my 1.5 year old 60D until last week when suddenly I couldn't switch to my spot meter. The back screen says it's on spot metering, but the camera meters in evaluative mode. I tried removing and reinserting the battery, ...

oshad by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! eos 70d SD card error

HI! I have a problem with the camera which shows card error in the LCD panel. I tried with different SD but the camero shows the same  error message: No access to the memory insert or change the cerad or format it with the camera. When I try to forma...

EOS 70D not recognized by laptop

connectivity between EOS70D and laptop running Vista was fine.  one month later, I can't get the laptop to recognize the camera via USB cable connection.  WI-FI is disabled per the manual.  any troubleshooting techniques I can try?

lfgull by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Resolved! how do i take a picture using the lcd screen

I have a Canon rebel T3i and can was wanting to take pictures using the lcd screen. I can see on the screen but it wont take the picture until i push the little camera button and use the view finder. is there a way to use the lcd screen for taking pi...

T3i Live Mode

I was out shooting this morning...early, and I wanted to shoot using live mode but found that when I did the images weren't saved to my SD Card.  Can someone tell me why? Thank you.  

beckatz by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon 5D III tethered to Ipad

I have a 5D III. I would like to tether (wireless or cable-direct) to my iPad 4 Retina so I can proof pictures in near real-time.  I prefer wireless so I can work in the field where this is NO internet connectivity.  I have Aperture, Lightroom 5, and...

mkg by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Canon EOS Rebel T3 not taking out pictures

I have my camera since 2010. lastweek I tried taking out pictures and realise I wasnt getting a focus but I took a picture. Now today, I am pressing the shutter button but nothing. I have a stock lense EFS 18-55MM and its on the Canon EOS Rebel T3. I...

ricki2014 by Contributor
  • 23 replies
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