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EOS Utility for the iPad?


I was wondering if there will ever be an iPad version of the EOS utility? I'd rather use my iPad than a laptop to setup a shot with.





Canon is currently working on a new EOS Remote app, but since it has not been released yet, many of the details about the EOS Remote app are not available.  What we do know is that it is currently expected to work with the EOS 6D.


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That sounds awesome, Mike.

Any idea if the 5D3 and 1DX will be supported for this?
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Currently, information on specific models being supported has not been released by Canon USA. I suggest that you keep an eye out on our website and forum for the latest updates.

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would be heart breaking if it only supports the 6D


Am I correct in thinking that the reason it will work with the 6D and not the other models is because it connects to the 6D's built-in wifi radio? That was the impression I got at the time of the announcement.

If you have an android phone or tablet you can buy DSLR controller from the app store, which will not only control the camera functions but will also give you live view on your phone/tablet. It's really quite a cool app. Works via USB.

I don't think there's "an app for that" on iOS though.

If you use one of the more recent generation of wireless file transmitters on your camera then it is possible to "effectively" use EOS Utility on the iPad or any other device with a web browser.


WFT units, usually the Mk II transmitters, support HTTP mode, configure this then browse to the camera's ip address then you can choose remote control, there's a simple version and an advanced version.


I wrote about this on my site in January.


Of course this means you need to get a WFT for your camera that supports the HTTP feature. So if you have the EOS 5D Mark II / III, EOS 7D or EOS 1D Mark III / EOS-1Ds Mark III, EOS-1D Mark IV or EOS-1D X then you are set...

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Live view tethered to an iPad would be fantastic. I get the 6D wifi link but surely it would make sense to have it work over cable to say 5Diii and 1Dx. 



I would agree to the above comment.


For those who have not checked out Tim's link, here are some quotes worth mentioning.



"The EOS Remote app for iOS and Android™ smartphones will be available in December 2012."

"The Canon EOS Remote app requires the use of a Canon EOS camera with built-in WiFi®."


I would assume this means only the 6D will be compatible for the initial public release to work out the bugs in the app itself. Later on, I would guess the refined app will be opened up to all WFT devices.  I doubt eye-fi's will ever be supported, although I really hope I'm wrong (as a T3 owner).


Thanks for the info everyone! This thread answers the 'is there an iPad EOS utility?' question that I've been searching for.