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EOS Rebel T3i unable to on


hi all


recently i cant seem to power on my EOS Rebel T3i at all. not sure why this happen but i am still able to charge my battery to full.


i believe i have accidentally put the camera on 'power on' mode for around 3 months. is that why the camera is dead?


is EOS Rebel T7i a good replacement or should i wait for a newer series?


i have quite a few lenses so it is a pity to change to something else. 


please help.





Your battery might be dead even though it shows a full charge have you tried more than one battery? Also, check inside the battery compartment to see if the battery leaked in there during those 3 months. I just got the T6i which was within my budget but I think the T7i is a great choice and upgrade if you need to replace your camera.

thanks John


yes, i did, i tried both. including one back up battery but to no avail. =(

I can see leaving the camera on for that long could kill the one battery but not both although depending on the ages of the batteries they may both be dead now from age or not being charged/discharged regularly. The cheapest route would be to try a new battery purchased somewhere will a liberal return policy. 


More than likely it is not the battery.  You can go down that road if you like and then go and buy a T7i or just buy it first and avoid the frustration. You might give the Canon Loyality Program a try.


My advice to folks that think there may be a new model coming out is, how many great shots are you going to miss by waiting for something that who knows when or if it will happen?  There is always a new model comong out. That is what camera companies do. Buy it now and use it now.


BTW, the T7i is a nice upgrade from a T3i.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

or should i switch to a mirror-less camera instead?

and then buy an adapter so i can continue using my current lenses

i do find a dslr rather heavy

"...should i switch to a mirror-less camera instead?"


I wouldn't but that just me, I would go for the T7i and not look back.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!