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Rebel XS... questions?

Good Day guys,  about the shutter counts....  if i exceed the shutter counts what should i do?can rebel xs back to 0 count again (like if i do the hard reset of something)is there anything or way to reset the counts of rebel xs? orwe just have to buy...

jhatz by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Main Dial not working in Canon 60D

I purchased my 60D kit last month. yesterday, I found that the main dial is not working as it should. It rotates left and right, but no effect on the shutter speed or any settings that uses the main dial, i am always using the manual settings, any su...

yasomoca by Apprentice
  • 2 replies


I'm a brand new user. I've never had or used an SR camera. I'm inspired by photography and want to begin to learn. I'll predominantly be shooting my crazy children. Not using much video. My question is which camera should I get. Two options: an EOS 7...

70D focus shift in P Mode

I often shift the focal point using P shooting mode. Yet despite lots of research in the official manual and another manual, it's just not working. At most, it'll shift the aperature; not the focal point. I've done this on every other Canon EOS I've ...

what does eos stand for

I have been looking for a camera and/or software that will stich photos horizontally and vertically. I have seen  what is possibly out dated info on Canon eos cameras coming with Photostitch software. is this still true. and what does eos stand for. ...

Resolved! Wifi on 6D

The first couple times I tried the wireless on the 6D it worked flawlessly , now everytime I put in the the number digit password in my phone wifi network, the phone says it's conencted but then the wifi turns off on the camera. I tried forgetting ne...

Can't See Through Viewfinder on 50D

On my 50D, sometimes I look through the viewfinder and it looks like I haven't removed the lens cap; at other times, it works normally; once in a while, I can see only through a small slit at the bottom of the viewfinder. It's like the mirror hasn't ...

phototex by Apprentice
  • 4 replies
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