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I can't seem to register LUTs in this camera. The "register" option and everything else on that menu is grayed out. And yes, I have .cube LUT files on the formatted SD card. Thanks for any help.
Any ideas as to why my TS6020 is printing text from web browser like this? I've completed deep cleaning multiple times already - no change. Thanks for any help.   
I noticed recently really loud IS in my 24-105, loud enough in fact to be picked up by the on-camera microphone I used.  Is this normal, or should I seek out repair? 
My 5DMKIII has been creating these odd filenames which makes ordering & viewing files a real pain in the arse. I don't recall changing any filename related settings in the camera, although I don't see how there would be an option for this mess.  Than...
I suddenly have my MG5220 printing blank pages from PDF documents. If I make a screen shot from a PDF document and print that, it prints but the large text is outline style instead of solid (as it is in the original document.) If I print a jpg file w...
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