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Geotagging on a rebel T6


Is there any way to get GPS location data from a smartphone onto the rebel t6?




Is there any way to get GPS location data from a smartphone onto the rebel t6?

I think you would need to download the image files, and do it on a computer.

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The only way to geotag is to use the Canon GP-E2, as shown in the system map on page 278 of the manual.


If you have a Mac, HoodahGeo is a good tool for geotagging photos during post-processing.


There are third party apps that do this (depending on which OS you use) and there are apps that let you manually tag a GPS location (and store the location data in the image file).


What OS are you using?


Some Canon models have a built-in GPS and some can use an optional GPS accessory.


To use one of the apps that can take GPS data from another device, you need a GPS that supports logging (it writes a file where it writes your geolocation at some regular invterval (that could be once every few seconds, once per minute, etc.) and the software takes uses the date/time when the photo was taken and then finds the same corresponding time in the GPS log file to determine where you were "at that time" then updates the GPS data into the image file.  (the clocks must be sychronized to show the same time.)


I no longer use the software method because my current cameras have GPS capability ... but this is how I used to do it before I had a camera with a built-in GPS.


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It can be done, but it’s a bit of labor involved. The first thing you need to do is install a GPS logger app on your phone. You should also install a DSL controller and buy a USB to Android adapter so you can connect your camera directly to the phone and synchronize the time between them for optimum accuracy. Once you’ve copied the photos and your GPS log to your computer, there is software that will read the timestamp on the picture and match it up to your GPS log file and geotag your photo apporopriately. Canon Map Utility should do it, though I use a freeware third-party program called Geosetter. Oh, who am I kidding? I eventually broke down and bought a GPS receiver.

Ok, I may be wrong, but at least for the T6i the manual seems to indicate that you can use the Canon Connect app on your smartphone to tag geotag images as long as the phone and camera are connected, though if I'm reading it right it sends the geotag information to the camera only if you manually send it to the camera from the app and anytime you move you have to resend the data to update it. The phone only sends the data when you manually tell it to and the camera tags all images with the last information sent rather than updating it continually.

Forgot to add that that is from the Canon Connect and the T6i manual combined, not sure if the T6 will work the same.

After several tries... The t6i does not collect gps data from smartphone. An above respose gives a lengthy instruction; I am not certain that works. Best to just purchase a geotagging device and have ease of use. Imho.