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7D single point AF issue. Advice needed.

  I'm having a focusing issue with my 7D, and I was hoping someone out there might be able to provide some insight. The focus with the single point Af is vastly inconsistent, even with the center point and on a tripod. I recently tried using a calibr...

Autofocus woes

Canon D70, 85mm lens, 1/200 at f2.8It's not sharp, even though the autofocus claims to have a good lock on. Judging by the tiles on the floor it's focused a good 1m too short.Does the camera need servicing? Also, what's with "the camera reports the d...

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 5.41.43 PM.png
davetong by Contributor
  • 18 replies

Wrong Date in EXIF despite correct in camera

Hi,Hope this is the right place to ask this. Have 80D not quite 2 years old. When I turn on the camera or insert SD card the set date time appears on the screen. It shows 01/01/2016 for the date and zeros in the time.  When I check camera settings th...

Boyce by Contributor
  • 22 replies

HSS banding issue with M5 + Godox TT600

Has anyone experienced and solved this issue?I have the TT600 paired with the X1T-C transmitter (not that it matters, but both Flashpoint rebranded) and I am getting banding issues when trying to use High Speed Sync.Both the M5 and the X1T-C have the...

5D Mark IV Auto ISO issues

Hello - I often shoot with friends who have Nikon and Canon cameras - at times we check each other for what their settings are.     For some reason my ISO is always running higher than theirs when the shutter speed and aperture is the same.     I kno...

Sadie1 by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Canon Rebel T3i External Flash Question

Hello All, I know the Canon Rebel T3i is a dated camera. However, I purchased it new back in 2012, played around with it, seeing if photography was for me enjoyed it, but sadly it was put on the back burner. I had recently taken pictures at my parent...

Resolved! AF Point keeps jumping back to the centre

I really hope someone can help me.  I manually select an AF point, use the back-button focus, and as soon as i press the shutter release, it jumps back to the centre point.  I'm tearing my hair out as I need to use my camera tomorrow and I don't know...

Ludo by Contributor
  • 9 replies

Canon 6D Shutter Now Louder

My canon 6d's shutter is now louder.  Nothing else seems off, pictures are great, everything works BUT my ear is freaking out because I can hear a difference...its just a bit "clunkier" sounding.  Taking pictures of my daughter and she said she could...

t6i/760d Audio meters not showing on lcd

Hi, Im trying to find a way to show the audio meters on the lcd since I can't put headphones in to monitor this would be pretty nice to have. But im having trouble finding it and begin to wonder if it's even possible? My steps: Put the camera on manu...

PLNDR by Apprentice
  • 3 replies
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