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EOS M50 bad video quality


Just bought this camera a week ago and I am encountering this issue. Seems as if the frames are incredibly "soft" and low detail, The 720p on my EOS R is much better than the 1080 on my M50.


Shooting at 1080p 59.94fps, 1/60s shutter, 5200K WB, ISO 100 F4.0.


I don't think it's a hardware issue since still images are crystal clear (on the same settings):




Here is a screengrab of the video. You can see the softness in the image. Yes, it is in focus.


Screen Shot 2020-1d2-13 at 3.54.29 PM.png


Any suggestions?



I don't think it is a hardware issue, either.  There is nothing wrong with your gear.  

"The right mouse button is your friend."


Since there's no EXIF data attached are we to assume that both these shots are screengrabs? If so, the first shot appears sharply focused but with very shallow DOF. I'd also say they're a bit under-exposed. Better exposure and a bit more contrast will make things look sharper. Stop the lens down a bit and bump up your shutter speed and your ISO as needed. I'm guessing that you're setting your exposure manually; if you're not try it that way.


On the second shot it looks like you, or the camera, just missed focus. Try manually focusing or experiment with some different auto focus modes. If you're using a tripod make sure to turn off image stabilization. And remember that video is much more forgiving of less than perfect focus than still shooting is.

Not out of focus, that's how all of the footage is. 1080@60fps, 1/60, 100 ISO, F3.5, 15mm. You can reference my other post here: