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Which Canon T7i Bundle Should I Buy?

Hello Everyone,I'm a complete beginner and very excited to buy my first DSLR. I found the Canon T7i is a great camera with great specifications. I made my research online and found those T7i bundles but I found a lot of people saying that these bundl...

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Canon Rebel EOS SL2 Fuzziness

Not sure if anyone can assist but I just got a Canon EOS Rebel SL2 and I have a question about the video quality. Wondering why my videos look fuzzy compared to others using this camera. I am using the stock lens that came with the camera. First phot...

Resolved! 5D Mark iii

I'm a new 5D Mark iii owner.   I'm wanting to get some good shots of my nephew playing basketball.  Any suggestions on preferred setting to get clear shots.  Thanks!

lucky by Apprentice
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M50 screen not responding to touch

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that that screen on my M50 was not responding to touch. Nothing appears damaged but, I suspect it's a software issure because pulling the battery out for a few seconds seems to resolve the issue.... For a while.Anyone...

Resolved! New to DSLR - poor quality pictures

Experts, I need some guidance. I am new to DSLR, with some studying of the relationship between ISO / Aperture and Speed. My vacation pictures are much better taken with cellphone than my new 80D. Appreciate any guidance. Cellphone - 1/1250 sec. f/1....

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oi2us2 by Apprentice
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Autofocus on my 5D Markll isn't working

Hello! So I had a 5DM2 that I happily used for a few years before upgrading to the Mark IV. When I stopped using the MarkII, everything was working on it. It sat unused with my other gear for 3-4 months and then I pull it out to take a picture/compar...

Sick Rebel T6 - repair or replace?

My wife's T6 just stopped powering on the other day - it might have some water damage, as it got splashed while she was on a boat. When the battery is *fully* charged it shows Error 70 on the screen, but other than that it seems dead. The Canon Servi...

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