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T7 battery grip

New Contributor

I just purchased a Rebel T7 and I am trying to find a battery grip for it. I have been able to find third party battery grips for T7i but nothing for a T7. Is there a technical difference between the T7 and T7i such that make it incompatible? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



Canon did not release a battery grip for this camera, which means that it not designed to use one. The camera will not be able to make use of any control switches on a grip.

I do not recommend trying to add a third party battery grip, either.  The camera’s firmware does not really know what to do with one.  The cameras needs to alternate between the two batteries, and it lacks the electronic connections to be able to pull that off.


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New Contributor

well I am a beginner photographer and I purchased a EOS rebel T7, I was wondering if there are any Battery grips out there that I can use on my t7? i've found for the t3-t6 series etc but no luck finding one for t7.

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