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1D X Functions locked

During a nature walk, my 1D X went from working fine to none of the functions working. The display is black. The menu and Info buttons do not work. Any thoughts?

OMG3589 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

More R5 info

Hopefully this won't get deleted, but Tech Radar interviewed David Parry of Canon (a product marketing specialist) and asked several questions about the R5. Some interesting stuff. I look forward to the camera's release. The last time I posted some i...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 54 replies

Canon 80D Touchscreen and HDMI out

Hi, I just recently purchased my canon 80D to add to my collection. HF-R40, G40 (and some other older non-video DSLR cameras).The touchscreen is amazing, its is seriously the TOP feature followed by Dual-pixel autofocus etc etc etc. But I'm stumped a...

Resolved! 80D Manual Mode - Shutter Speed Disregarded

Hey there, I'm kindof puzzled as to what's going on with my 80D. I've started working with manual mode, first for moon shots with a tripod and connected via the canon app using my phone as a remote. Everything works fine, shutter speeds are regarded ...

Resolved! Eos Rebel T6 won't connect to my computer

Hi! So I recently got my EOS Rebel T6 and it came with a usb cord and all that, but it won't connect to my computer, and my computer doesn't detect a device when I plug the cords in. I have a decently old MacBook but the operating system is a macOS S...

deWAng123 by Apprentice
  • 17 replies

T6i Flash not firing

On T6i, have auto-flash on. Won't fire even in the darkest room on auto and i cannot seem to get it to manually fire during Av, P, or even M mode.  Camera is two weeks old. Flash does pop up in auto mode but doesn't trigger. Can manually pop it up in...

Resolved! Firmmware update failure Canon EOS 6D

Despite following the download an application instructions assiduously, I keep receiving this error message:  "Firmware Update Program: Update File Error. Please check the memory card and reload the battery and try again."I have also reinitialised th...

Resolved! 7d mii no more autofocus during video

Hi, since a few weeks my 7dmii does not seem to update the autofocus during video. The lenses are set to AF, the Af method is set to the general one, including the face, but the camera only focusses when the button is pressed down half, or when the A...

EOS REbel Driver support

I have an EOS Rebel 300D that has been in storage for 6 years. I have it up and running, taking good pictures, but I have not been able to download picture to my desktop. I have not been able to fine driver support.

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