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Using EOS RP USB-C port for remotly observing in smartphone


Hello good people. I have seen people suggesting a cheaper way to observe camera images live on a external display is using their smartphone. As the wifi is a bit laggy, for realtime observation, cable connection is best. However, all youtube videos so far explain how to use and USB to HDMI adapter in the phone and then connect the camera with HDMI cable of the adapter. 


But my question is since USB C is quite versatile, can USB C to USB C connection between camera and smartphone work to observe live images on smartphone? 




Canon refers to the USB-C port as a "Digital Terminal".  I know you can use it to charge the battery when the Camera is not in operation, but I do not believe it outputs video or audio.  You'd have to use the HDMI port for this (as you stated) or wireless for "live view" shooting.   Also note, a future FW enhancement (might / could) add additional support or features.


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I had been searching for an app that I can do wired tethered shooting on an Android phone or tablet with my Canon camera.

I was told (even by Canon support) that Canon didn't work with anything but EOS Utility running on either Windows or Apple.

Well, I found an app called Camera Connect and Control that works on both my Android phone and Android tablet, and works with my Canon T8i (850D).

It's a free 3-day trial, and costs $9.99 to purchase. The developer says, “The purchase is linked to your Google account. If you use the same account on your other device you can use all purchases.”

It supports both a Wifi connection, as well as a USB connection. I didn't try the Wifi, since I already have Canon's Camera Connect.

Photos are stored on your camera's memory card, that you can then download. It will do both still photos and video.

I got the app from Google’s Play Store.

You need an OTG (on the go) cable to connect your Android device to the USB cable, and an IFC-600PCU interface cable to connect the USB cable to the USB port on your camera.

I got the OTG cable off Amazon, and the IFC-600PCU cable from Canon.

With wired, you are not confined by the vagaries of the connection. You don't have to sit around with your fingers crossed, hoping the connection goes through; or go through head-scratching frustration, when it doesn't.

With wired, your connection is instantaneous and secure. I've strung the two devices together with a 15' USB cable.

I've compared the two, and find the Camera Connect and Control to be a little more full-featured than Canon's Camera Connect. With CCC, I can drag the focus point around the frame and the camera instantaneously adapts. With Canon's CC, you have to tap on the screen where you want to focus, and it jumps there.

About the only real downside I've found so far is that I can't use Exposure Compensation in Manual Mode. It does work in Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority Modes, though.

Steve Thomas