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Resolved! Canon M6 Mark ii - Cannot take photo or video

As the title states, I just got my very own M6 Mark ii the other day. It turns on, reads that there’s a card and registers that there is a full battery in place. However I can’t take any photos or video!The challenge is that because it’s such a new c...

Aj94 by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

Resolved! Canon SL2 Microphone - External

I have a brand new SL2. I am trying to setup an external lapel microphone. When I do that, my screen shows three ahlf circles, theicon of a mic, and the word "off" next to it. I cannot seem to get to microphone settings. What am I doing wrong? Thanks...

Thoughts on Canon EOS Rebel T6

Hello guys, I'm looking into buying my first profesional camera and I found this one. I don't have a big budget so I think it might be a good option. Have you used it? Is it good for beginner's photography? I would really appreciate any comment. I'll...

Canon T5i Autofocus slowed to a crawl???

I have a 18-250mm Sigma lens attached to my camera - the camera has worked fine, but over the last week, when I've shot pictures both inside and outside, the autofocus seems to take forever. The battery is fine, and I'm using a class "U3" card. This ...

Resolved! R6 Remote Not an Option on Canon

Hi! I’ve had my 6D Mark II for over 2 years. The 2 second/remote or 10 second/remote has always been an option for me on the menu screen up until recently. Now it’s gone. I can’t figure out how something like this disappears. Currently my only option...

Battery Question

"I need some water." She offered, eyes cloudy and voice clearly hinting at heavy intoxication. It was so obvious that Samantha savored the act of showing herself to him, and it was a realization that drove me to the brink of madness. My innocent wife...

toqipinu by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Hazy whites 80D

I just got an 80D, to use as a backup to a 70D, or vice versa.When shooting interiors on sunny days all the white light coming in from the windows looks blurry and hazy.I've had do go EV -3 or even -4 to get decent non hazy whites, but then everythin...

lcribas58 by Contributor
  • 14 replies

Resolved! External flash for Rebel T6

I just bought a brand new Rebel T6. I was wondering if I can use a Sunpak Auto 221 external flash unit I used for my Canon 35 mm SLR (film). The external flash can be operated in both auto and manual modes. I know not all external flashes used for fi...

Resolved! Auto balance photography with T7i

It’s not clear to me how do use the auto focus feature of the canon speed light 470ex with my T7i. There’s some reference to the auto focus feature in the compatibility chart, But I don’t see any information on how to use it if there is a specific wa...

Canon EOS RP - Squeaky Shutter Button

Hey guys, Just purchased a brand new canon eos RP but I have concerned over a really squeaky shutter button. My old T3i doesn't have this issue and I don't have any other cameras to compare it to. Is this defective or normal? <turn on sound to listen...

JZC007 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies
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